Swiss Fiesch

20 years ago in 1995 I travelled with youngsters of my age (14) on a ski camp to the Alps in Switzerland. I stayed in the town Fiesch. We took a direct train from Belgium to Switzerland .All I can remember from this camp is that every day we had to wake up early in the morning, get our breakfast and prepare some for the rest of the day as we went hiking for the rest of the day. Every day we had some activities at the hotel complex where I stayed, there was a swimming pool and a sportshall.  Most of the time we went hiking and see the beautiful scenery that Swiss has to offer. In Belgium it was easter holiday at that time when I was in Swiss and no chance on seeing any snow whatsoever in april. In Switzerland there is snow high up in the mountains all year round and I was happy to slide down on it and have fun in the alps.


The Fiesheralps

The Fiesheralps