I flew to the capital of Georgia to start a 8 day trip around the country.
It’s november 2014 and Tbilisi surprised me with it’s nice buildings, viewpoints, monuments and parks. For example the Rike Park where you can take cable lines that go up to the hill were you have the “Statue of the Mother of Georgia” and the Fortress Narikala.
From that hill you got a great panoramic view over the Capital City, you can see the Presidential Palace, Matheki Church with King Vakhtang Gorgasali statue in front of it, the Cathedral, the peace bridge, …

It’s just a nice city to spend a few days and to go on a city trip. Allot of bars and restaurant in the old town, good atmosphere in the evenings.
During my time in Tbilisi I stayed at the Envoy Hostel and I really liked my stay there. I don’t write much about the hostels or hotels I stay in on my trips but I remember the hostel was clean and in the centre close to the old town.
I would stay there again if I ever return to Tbilisi.
What I alos will never forget about my trip to Tbilisi is that it kind of started on a wrong note, got almost scammed by the taxi driver who picked me and a friend up from the airport to drive me to the hostel. Here is what happend He told me it would cost about 20 euros, I agree but when we arrived he wanted 2o euros from each of us, he said you guys are 2. I told him that the price we agreed on was 20 euro and not 40 euros which was way to much as normally the price is even less than 20 euros, according to Georgians 15 euros shoudl have been fine. I told him I never heard such thing before , people share a taxi to split the costs in 2, so each of us pay 10 euro which equals 20 euro the agreed price. Iamge if we got in with 4 people, woudl you ask for 80 euros than ??
I just got out of the car and he drove off with a weird look on his face, the crazy thing is I saw him the next day driving not far from my hostel, when I was walking to a store to get some food, he drove by with two other persons in his car and he saw me and gave me that weird look again, maybe he was just surprised to see me as I was seeing him back again, what are the odds if you know that there are so many taxi drivers in Tbilisi.
The other bad part was the local food in Tbilisi, I must say I was not a fan of the Georgian cuisine, I got sick for 2 days because I had some bread with an egg in the middle of it and the way you eat it is to take a piece of the bread and dip it in the egg, something must have been in that egg that messed up my whole stomach and after getting medication at the pharmacy I started to get better , but I was struggling 3 days with my stomach untill I got to Abkhazia when everything became better since I got my health back. As much as I wanted to enjoy Tbilisi it just wasn’t meant to be, maybe if I return in the future I will have a better experience and won’t get sick again.

Tbilisi - Cable cars

Tbilisi – Cable cars

Cable car going up to the Fortress

Cable car going up to the Fortress


The Fortress by night



Cable cars going down


The Mother of Georgia Statue




The peace bridge





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