Did you know El Salvadors St Ana Volcano ?


Central America the home to hundreds of Volcano’s. When staying in Ataco I had to chance to do a Volcano activity, it’s about 60km away and the biggest one in the country. It’s situated in the Cerro Verde National Park and it was about a 1,5 hour hike when I reached the top. Continue reading

Do you know Ataco ?



Ataco is a town in El Salvador that became very popular for tourists visiting El Salvador because of a great initiative by the government who sponsored it. The people of Ataco, not all of them off course but many started to paint the murals of their houses, the city changed quickly into the street art city of El Salvador. No graffiti but paint. Continue reading

Suchitoto’s Cornfestival


Suchitoto my first stop in el Salvador. Suchitoto itself is a small little town looks like Antigua just smaller. After doing a little walking tour around town, I got to this amazing viewpoint over Lake Suchitlan with the mountains in the back it looked like the beginning of the jungle. Continue reading