Diving with Crocodiles in Zimbabwe

One of the activities which you can do exclusively in Zimbabwe when stayin at the Victoria Falls, is to dive with Crocodiles.
Crocodiles are my favorite animals since I been a kid. This was just something I really wanted to do, to have a close underwater encounter with these beasts. The only way to get this close face to face with the Crocs was getting into a cage that gets lowered into the pool with two of these predators.

the cage

ready to enter the cage

the crocodile is waiting

I’m ready

ready to get down

up close with two of these giants

In the cage you can observe the animal and even touch the animal, hi5 him or scratch his belly when he’s swimming on top of the cage.
In Darwin Australia you can have a similar experience, but you are not in a cage, but in a cylinderform glass tank. I prefer the experience in Zimbabwe as you are in a real cage like an animal and not behind glass, so you really can touch the animal., but only when the crocodile is on top of the cage, don’t stick your hand out when he’s in front of you or it won’t be a great experience at all ­čÖé


belly scratch

the eye of the tiger, I mean Crocodile ! ­čÖé

I also got some cow liver on a stick and fed them, in no time it was gone, hold on very tight to the stick when feeding them cause when they snap the bait of your stick, you will feel the power of their jaws.
One of the crocodiles was a very rare one, albino crocodile, more white than green.
Not many albino crocodiles you can find on our planet so this is also one more reason to go and check this place out. Croc cage diving is located at the Elephant shopping centre in the centre of Victoria Falls Town. If you are familiar with diving and don’t have problems breathing under water than definitely you got to try this and don’t be afraid they can not bite you when you are in the cage and you don’t put your hands out.

The Albino Croc



Zambia the most peacefull nation

When I arrived at the airport in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, I bought myself the Kaza Univisa, which allows you to cross the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia as many times as you want during a period of 30 days, also daytrips to Botswana are covered by that visa. So that was my plan to not only visit Zimbabwe side of the Vic Falls but also the Zambian side. I stayed at the Livingstone hostel in Livingstone. Continue reading

Botswana stuck in the middle of Chobe River


Botswana Flag standing in the middle of the swamp – Chobe NP

First view of Chobe NP

During my stay at the Vic Falls in Zimbabwe, I planned on doing some activities and one of them is doing a game drive or safari in one of Africa’s greatest wildlife park Chobe NP in Botswana. It would become the highlight of my African trip, thank you Botswana ! The trip to Botswana was a bless, I saw more animals than I expected.
They say you got to be lucky well, if I get to see lions I consider myself lucky.
The day trip to Botswana famous wildlife park started with an early morning pick up at the hostel and then it went straight to the Kasane border. It went really fast and smoothly. After a short drive in through Kasane town, we entered the park.

Kasane Border Botswana

Consider yourself lucky when you see Lions


This trip includes the game drive which is off course in a safari jeep and afterwards you embark a small boat on the Chobe river to see the wildlife that lives in the water like Crocodiles and Hippo’s but also Elephants who like to cool off in the water. All of that I saw in Chobe and I could easily do it again, it was worthed.
While cruising for about an hour on the river looking for wildlife, it was time to have a lunch break, at the raft a floating restaurant in the middle of the river. great food, barbecue, vegetables, dessert and a variety of drinks to choose from.

the Raft floating restaurant

The staff welcomed us with a very catchy song that was in my head for the rest of my African stay. Stomach filled and back to the boat again to continue to spot some more wildlife and the best was yet to come :

Getting stuck in the middle of Chobe river

boat ride on the Chobe river

We were with 8 people in the boat and our guide, when suddenly the motor of our boat broke down, the connection cable was broke, unable to make contact and to steer the wheel in a proper way. There we were stuck in the middle of the Chobe river surrounded by Hippo’s, but they don’t eat meat so we didn’t worry, the Croc’s however do, but they were hiding under the water or maybe watching us disguised between the high grass plants in the water.

Hippo’s opening their mouth

huge Hippo’s

Thank God smartphones can save your ass one day, so after a call some other boat came to the rescue, we had to jump from one boat to the other and try not to fall in the water.
It just adds up to the great day it has been and another story to tell.
Ending my post about Chobe with the list of animals I’ve seen :
Buffalo,Elephants, Giraffes,Lions,Crocodiles,Hippo’s,Monitor Lizard,Fish Eagle,Marabou Storks and a lot of Impalas.

Buffalo in the shade

Buffalo staring from the bushes (try to find)

the longnecks ­čÖé

giraffes observing the lions walking in the distance

Giraf and Impala

more impalas

impalas crossing the road

Lions with Impala bone in mouth

Mother Lion in the shade, just before she got disturbed by the tourists and their camera’s

2 lion cubs

Marabou stork


Fish Eagle

Monitor lizard

Elephants taking a bath

The Elephant family

My all time favorite the Crocodile

Another Croc


The Fridge of Africa

Lesotho, the roof of Africa it’s called, also the Kingdom in the sky as it’s the highest country in Africa, if you go then make sure you wear something warm cause it can be cold in Lesotho, that’s why I call it the fridge of Africa. After Cape Town, I flew more East to Durban the 3rd biggest city of South Africa, from here I decided to take a day trip over the Sani Pass to Lesotho.

Going to Lesotho

I got my pick up in the very early morning at Curiocity Hostel Durban with tour agency “roof of Africa”. On the way to Underberg where I had to change the vehicle for a 4X4 and that’s necessary to go over the Sani Pass, as the roads are very bad, rocks, mud, etc,… you need a car made for this kind of terrain. Not so long after leaving Underberg, I was heading towards the southern part of the Drakensberg. The road was getting worse as the car was climbing up the pass. Along the pass, I passed the 12 apostles mountain formations, to arrive to the border control to get my exit stamp of South Africa. 8km of Nomans land untill reaching the border control of Lesotho.

The way to Lesotho

4X4 to cope with the bad mountain roads


South African border post @ Sani Pass

making the way up in Nomans land between South Africa and Lesotho

view over the Sani Pass, this is suicide bend

In Lesotho I visited a typical village and see how people live on these mountain pass.
I visited one of these small houses where a lady baked Lesotho bread and wow what was it tasty and warm. Outside I saw shepherds walking with their sheep in the direction of the highest Pub in Africa. Really special to have a Pub so high in the mountains and so close to the border post of Lesotho. I had lunch there and a Maluti beer, the pride of Lesotho. The walls in the pub are written all over with messages adventurous travellers are leaving behind, sticking postcards, photos, stickers and money bills from their on country on the wall to leave their mark. The way back to South Africa was very bumpy descending the mountain pass this time. Overall I had a great trip and if you are in Durban you should do it, as Durban is rather boring, so this Lesotho trip was a bless.

African Village

Typical Lesotho house

The local sheperds

Delicious Lesotho bread

Visiting the Pub in the clouds, the Highest Pub in Africa

At the bar in the Highest Pub in Africa

The famous bar

Messages written on walls and ceiling

I tried this beer and it was really good

terrace in the clouds

view from the terrace


Robben Island the Symbol of Apartheid

South Africa had a system of apartheid that existed for years, from 1948 till 1994, a system of racial segregation. More about Apartheid for those who don’t know check Wikipedia. I’m not going into further detail about it. Continue reading

Wandering around in Cape Town


Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the nicest places to visit not only in Africa but in the world. That’s what I’ve heard. I was only for a short period of time here so I had to limit myself to what I wanted to see. After a city trip with the hop on hop off bus with stops at Camps Bay with its beautiful beach, I chose also to buy the ticket to Table Mountain at the office of the Hop on Hop off bus company at the Waterfront.┬á Continue reading

Namibia Africa for Beginners

After visiting so many countries and being to all Continents, i realized that there was something missing with Africa. Only been twice when I was a kid with my parents in 1991 to Tunisia and in 1992 to Egypt. The real Africa which is the black Africa as they say, was still on my list, so many interesting countries to choose from. Continue reading