Mass Games Pyongyang

The Mass Games or Arirang Games as it is also named is a spectacular show about North Korea and the greatness of their country,culture,leaders,…
In 90 minutes you will see gymnastics,acrobatics synchronized dancing in group by the performers singing patriotic Korean songs with in the background thousand of children making a big mosaic image that changes very regularly. They have a book with different patterns on each page and they hold it up at the right moment changing simultaneously to get the correct mosaic picture to appear. It’s really impressive.
With 100.000 participants in this show in the largest stadium in the world, the Mayday Stadium in Pyongyang is something you got to see when going to North Korea.
The mass Games are being held every year from July till mid September and sometimes it gets extended with a few shows in October, that was untill 2013 when I was there and I’m lucky because after 2013 there were no Mass Games anymore, speculations are going on that the popular Mass Games will return soon, but nothing official yet. I really wanted to go to North Korea in a period the Mass Games took place and I’m glad I did cause at that time I didn’t know it would be the last shows running. No Mass Games in 2014 and 2015. There was no clear reason given why there was no show after 2013.
I can only hope for those who have North Korea on their bucketlist and the Mass Games in particular that this event will return very soon as it was the best show I have ever seen. Forget about those 30 minute shows you might have seen at Disneyworld 🙂




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The May Day Stadium – The Largets Stadium in the world


Here I am outside the Stadium before the beginning of the Arirang Mass Games.


When I destroyed the baggage scanner in North Korea

Just arrived in North Korea and I already managed to destroy the baggage scanner at the airport. On arrival when I took my luggage and put it through the scanner, my backpack got stuck in the baggage scanner. The backpack was out of the scanner but one of the shoulder straps got stuck in the machine, the North Korean guard told me to pull it out, so I pulled like crazy, a one and a two and a three, nothing still stuck, then he helped me pulling and even with 2 still didn’t work after the first time, the second time we pulled as hard as we both could and kablamo !! my backpack Continue reading