My trip to Eastern Europe through Moldova and Rumania brought me to Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria. I took the night train from Bucurest to Sofia.

My time in Sofia was short, 1,5 day to be precisely. Visited some of the main sights like the Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral which is one of the biggest in Europe.
other sights included : St. Nedelya church,Sofia Statue,the Russian Nikolai church,Sveta Georgi Rotunda,Banya Bashi Mosque,…

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Alexander Nevski Cathedral


Sveta Nikolai Russian church

Sveta Nikolai Russian church

St George Rotunda

St George Rotunda = Sveta Georgi Rotunda 14th Century Unesco site


St. Nedelya Church


Banya Bashi Mosque


Statue of Sofia