Famagusta a City frozen in time


Another day trip in Northern Cyprus to Famagusta,Salamis and St. Barnabas Monastery.


Starting in Famagusta

Famagusta or in Turkish Gazimagusa was one of the most visited touristic resort on the east coast of Cyprus. Luxury apartments and hotels owned by Greek-Cypriots and foreign investors. It all changed after the Greek military coup in 1974 and the Turkish invasion to restore order and protect the Turkish Cypriot minority living in the old town of Famagusta what is nowadays known as the walled City with the Venetian walls. Continue reading

Daytrip to Kyrenia aka Girne

While in Cyprus I didn’t just stay in the capital, there is more to see outside the capital of Nicosia, specially in Northern Cyprus.
So I decided to do a sightseeing day tour to Kyrenia aka Girne (in Turkish language).
In the morning around 8.30 I crossed the border again at Ledra street to be picked up at the North side by my driver and guide for the day.
The sightseeing tour would take me to St. Hilarion Castle,Bellapais Abbey and Kyrenia. Continue reading

Nicosia the divided city


Just like Berlin after the 2nd World War was divided in two parts by a wall untill 1989, Nicosia in Cyprus is still divided today with no unification in sight despite many attempts. It didn’t start after the 2nd world war but in 1974 being the last divided Capital city in the world. It’s not only the capital that’s divided but also the Country. Continue reading