Going back to the past

What do I mean with going back to the past ? Going back to my childhood and the typical summer vacations or short trips that I did with my parents.

Countries like Germany, France, Spain,Tunisia are a few countries that I have been to with my parents when I was kid and from which I have almost no decent photo material to put online on my blog.
Some short info about the places I did got to see in those countries.


I have been many times to Germany, it’s a transit country, because it’s in the centre of Europe, so you have to cross it if you want to go to Swiss or Austria or to Poland. I have been to all these countries and every time I had to go through Germany and also DDR (East Germany) when going to Poland.
I did see some cities in Germany, so it wasn’t always just driving through the country without making any stop for some sightseeing. Bonn, Cologne,Dresden, Hannover,Frankfurt am Oder are just some places I’ve been.


Close to Belgium, many times did I cross the border, so about France I can say that I have been over the border to Lille, surely I have been to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. Disneyland Paris is also of my list, been there twice.
in 1996 and in 2001. It’s my neighbour country and a lot of Belgians go to France on vacation, however in my case it was never like that. I have never stayed longer in the country then 3 or 4 days. short trips but never beachvacations in the South of France and untill this day I am one of the few Belgians not attracted to France at all, maybe one day it will change when I’m old, who knows.


The classic sea & sun beach vacation in Benidorm at the Costa Blanca (1989,1991)
Pine Del Mar – Barcelona (1992)
I visited Barcelona and Mount Montserrat from which I found 1 picture of me (see below)
It was a daytrip from Barcelona to Montserrat Mountain, this mountain has several peaks, there you have a Benedictine abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat with the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary. As a kid I was more impressed by the mountain itself and the curvy roads going up there then I was about the abbey. It is worth a visit if you are in Barcelona and you have seen everything the city has to offer you might consider doing a daytrip to Montserrat.

Montserrat abbay and mountain

Montserrat abbey and mountain



The first time I visited Africa was in 1991 and Tunisia was to be my first country on the African continent.
It was a flight to Monastir and from there a bus to Port El Kantaoui.
A classic beach holiday but also some culture as I remember visiting some old Roman amphitheatre in El Jem. First time I tried couscous, a Camel ride and even got to feed the camel in an original way from which I have found one picture (see below)

giving some cactus to the Camel - Tunesia

giving some cactus to the Camel – Tunisia