My visit to the Crazy town of Vank

A crazy town in an unrecognized country that’s Vank. The crazy thing about this town laying in a valley surrounded by the Caucasian mountains and forest, is all the random objects that are put there by a former Russian-Armenian oligarch Levon Hayrapetyan who’s motivation it was to invest in the town of his birthplace. The man died a few years back and since then the town is also slowly dyeing. He wanted to attract tourists to Vank, for example to the Eclectica Titanic looking hotel that he build, which is now becoming more of a ruin. Continue reading

Welcome to Stepanakert the capital of Artsakh


Artsakh what ? If you never heard of it then just relax don’t worry about it cause you might have already heard about Nagorno-Karabakh a disputed region in the Caucasus, a region claimed by Azerbaijan and Armenia. Armenia is controlling the region of Nagorno-Karabakh which nowadays looks like an Armenia enclave in Azerbaijan but really it has an independent status, just not recognized internationally just like the other breakaway republics like Transnistria and Abkhazia. Continue reading