Copan Ruinas


The next country on my Central American journey would be Honduras. The most dangerous of all the countries is what you hear sometimes.

Honduras football flag in some restaurant in the town of Copan

The border crossing between Guatemala and Honduras went pretty fast, just had to fill in a few forms , give my fingerprints and then got stamped in. Before I forget I did need to pay a fee to enter the country, some kind of tax and you need to pay in local currency which in Honduras is the lempira. So i changed some of my dollars into lempiras. It was only 60 lempiras which is 2,5 Usd.

Street Art of the Copan Ruinas site in Copan

The Town of Copan Ruinas is very small, a peaceful place were tuk tuks were driving around town just like in San Pedro Guatemala. The main plaza with its church and a small archeological museum are the only places you can visit, next to the bars and restaurants.

small streets of Copan Town with tuk tuk driving down hill

The Church of Copan

The Central Plaza

The archeological Maya museum with the Honduras flag on top

The Copan Ruinas are not that big but worth a visit, I already saw bigger Mayan sites in Mexico like Chichen Itza and Uxmal but maybe it’s not right to compare since every Mayan site is nice in it’s own way.

Map of the site at the park entry

Parrot greeting me at the Mayan site

The First and last Maya Emperor

The way they build all this so many decades ago its amazing to see.
I always like to walk around more in these kind of places then in museums.
The thing I liked about these Ruinas as that it’s not full of tourists, even in town there were not so many tourists. Maybe it’s the reputation Honduras has in the outside world, I don’t know but this place deserves more tourists. You have the Ruinas which are surrounded by the green of the jungle for yourself, so great to make pictures without too much other people in the background.

The ball court with the main Pyramid covered by a sail

The amphitheatre

me at the amphitheatre

the pyramid stairs of the main pyramid that was covered by a big sail with the statue of the Maya emperor