2 Days in Foggy San Marino


San Marino, the oldest republic in Europe, a tiny mountainous nation would unexpectedly become my next country to visit after I also totally unexpectedly found a very cheap flight (20 euro return) to Ancona in Italy. A train ride to Rimini and a one hour bus ride later from there, brought me to Foggy San Marino. Yes there was a lot of fog up mountain Titano where the old town is situated that after all I was lucky to spend there 2 days. Cause the 2nd day and even on the third day when I would be leaving back to Italy again, the weather did clear up. Imagine doing it on a half day trip like some people do from Rimini or even a full one day trip and you only got fog, not able to see the view from the mountain towards the rest of the country down below or not even to see the 3 towers the Country of San Marino is famous for.
Well after not seeing much on my first day, I eventually got to see all I wanted to see in San Marino and returned with a happy feeling back to Italy where I would also stay 2 days visiting Ancona and Rimini.
In any hotel in San Marino they should give you at the check-in a San Marino tourist card, the tuttosanmarino card, with that card you go to the tourist information office and it will give you a discount on any ticket pass you want to buy. I bought the Multi-museum pass which is normally 10 euro, but with the tuttosanmarino card it was only 7,50 euro to obtain a scancard to have access to the most important sightseeing. Included are the First Tower and the Second Tower which are situated on the same mountain range and access to the Saint Francis Art Gallery, The State Museum, The national gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Public Palace at the Piazza Della Liberta.

Holding the flag of a micronation – San Marino

Piazza Della Liberta

Public Palace with the Flag of San Marino on top


Inside The Public Palace


The National Guards

Inside the Public Palace

The Parliament

Parliament of San Marino

Nice Wall Decorations

The 3 Towers of San Marino in the National Emblem

The Public Palace is a town hall and also has a Parliament at the 2nd floor where political meetings are being held and on these days it’s not open to the public. Only on the last day I could use my scancard again to enter the building and visit it when no political meetings took place. I used my San Marino card to the fullest.
Besides purchasing this card at the tourist office , you can also get your passport stamped which is a nice souvenir for passport stamp collectors.

Tourist office to get your card and Passport stamp

Police at the entrance gate of the old town

Walking around the first day in the narrow streets of the old town with the fog as my companion

Cable line in the fog

Part of the cable line in the fog

This was the next day when it cleared up

View over San Marino when the fog pulled back a bit on the 2nd day

The 3 Towers of San Marino


The First Tower Guaita

The 2nd Tower Cesta Fratta is situated on the highest peak of Mount Titano

The 3rd Tower

View from the first tower on the 2nd Tower

View from the 2nd Tower on the First Tower and the Old Town with the Public Palace (still foggy)

View from the 2nd Tower towards the 3rd Tower

The Third Tower is not surrounded by Castle walls

The path to Tower 3

In the 2nd Tower there is the Museum of Ancient Weapons

I like the details on this hunting weapon, dog chasing a fox

Some more ancient weapons

Entrance of the Old Town

Piazza Della Liberta @ night

City walls

View at night over San Marino from Mount Titano