The main Tourist attraction in Bucuresti

The main attraction in Bucuresti has to be the “Palace of Parliament” or as the people in Romania prefer to refer it as “the People’s Palace”

This building was one of the many crazy ideas that the former dictator Ceaucescu had, he wanted to create a city that would be the Paris of Eastern Europe, big boulevards, a Palace bigger then Versailles and even a Arch The Triumph bigger then the one in Paris, but not bigger then the one in North Korea.

Like all the tourist visiting Bucurest I also had to go take a look at it. I decided to go inside, You buy your ticket inside and you leave your passport for registration, you get it back when the tour is finished. After that you get a guide, who will show you around and explain some more details about the building, its history, what purpose some rooms had etc,…
The highlight is when you get on the roof of the building and get a magnificent view over Bucurest, you almost get the feeling being a dictator yourself.