My special relationship with Poland

In my post “going back to the past” I wrote under Germany, that it was a transit country that I had to go through to go to for example Poland. After my home country, Poland is the country that I have been the most, it’s in 2nd place. Why is that ? Well Belgium and Poland are not neighbouring countries but my mom is Polish and my dad is Belgian (from Flanders the Dutch or Flemish speaking part of Belgium).
I have family in Poland and since I was little I went to Poland on vacation with my parents to visit my grandparents, nieces, nephews, uncle’s and aunts. I speak fluent Polish just like my native language which is Dutch.
Poland or Polska however you prefer is my 2nd home country, my name is Pol which ironically is Polska without the “ska” but Pol is also a Flemish name, so I guess it was an easy pick to call me Pol.
About Poland I can tell a lot of stories, mostly I go to the south of Poland to places like Opole (where I have family), Krakow (my Favorite city),Wroclaw.
A part from Gdansk, I can say I have been to the major cities in Poland like Poznan,Warsaw and the ones I mentioned above.
Poland has everything, the Baltic sea, the Tatra Mountains which form a border with Slovakia, ancient Krakow with the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the world-famous Historical non pleasant place the concentration camp of Auschwitz. The last one can be confronting but you should not be afraid to see a historical place no matter what terrible things happened there. Terrible things happened in Cambodia as well and you can visit museums about what took place over there aswell, not to mention the Maya temples in Mexico where humans were killed and sacrificed to honour the Gods.
I always like to go back to Poland and if anyone reading my blog is thinking about going to Europe but don’t know which countries to pick from, than put Poland on your list.

The Wawel Cathedral in Krakow

The Wawel Cathedral in Krakow 1999

The Dragon of Wawel spits fire

The Dragon of Wawel spits fire