Odesa or Odessa depend if you want to speak it out in Ukrainian language or in Russian is a city at the Black Sea, it has an important port and is one of the nicest cities in Ukraine.
I stayed in Odesa (I will write it the Ukrainian way) close to Arcadia Beach.  Continue reading


On the way back of my European road trip (2010) that brought me and 2 of my friends to countries like Liechtenstein, Austria,Slovenia and Hungary I made a stop in Luxembourg before entering Belgium.
In the north of Luxembourg in Clerveaux. It was a very calm morning, no people in the streets and a good moment to just wander around town. In Clerveaux you can visit the abbey and church and the Clerveaux Castle.  Continue reading

Milestii Mici

Moldova is known for its wines and I decided to do a winetour, not that I’m a big wine drinker but I was curious enough to taste Moldovan wine.
One of the wineries you can take a tour to is “Milestii Mici” but it’s not just a winery, they have the largest wine collection in the world and are in the guinness book of records for that matter, something of which at Milestii Mici they are really proud of.  Continue reading