Australia Videos

The last continent that I visited was Oceania in 2017. I chose the biggest country of the continent Australia with Sydney as my starting point. Here are some of my youtube videos of my journey in Australia. Brisbane, Melbourne and the Outback.


Antarctica Videos

The continent I never expected to visit untill I saw that it is actually possible from Ushuaia in Argentina. In December 2016 I took the Ortelius vessel for my next great adventure , so far the most memorable one because of the uniqueness of this place.
Made alot of videos and out of this video material these are the once that made it on my youtube channel. If you like penguins and seals then check out my videos.


Africa videos

In the early 90’ies I have been twice to Africa, not as a backpacker offourse but on a holiday with my parents back in 1991 and 1992. Tunisia and Egypt. See my Egypt page for an old video about me at the Pyramids. On this page I will just put some videos of my recent Africa trip in 2018. Since 1992 I haven’t visited the African continent and this time I had more the feeling of really being in Africa. Egypt and Tunisia weren’t really African experiences to me. To experience Africa you got to go to “Black” Africa, visiting some nature parks and experience the wildlife. Namibia,South Africa,Lesotho,Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia were my choices to experience my first lets say “real African experience”