Tromsø above the Arctic Circle

Tromso or Tromsø as it’s written in Norwegian, is a magical place in the North of Norway. This place in the province of Troms in Norwegian lapland is getting more and more popular for those wanting to travel to the Arctic and have an amazing Arctic experience with lots of activities to choose from. In the wintertime there is only 4 days of daylight with long Polar nights and the possibility to see the northern lights just adds to the excitement of visiting this place.

The Town of Tromsø is very tranquil, it has a small centre, you can walk it all on foot as everything is nearby, shops, restaurants,the harbour.

Tromso Harbour

What is there to see in Tromsø ?

The Domkirke which is the most Nordic Cathedral in the world and at the same time the only wooden Cathedral in Norway.

The Arctic Cathedral which is a Cathedral that looks like an Iceberg and can be reached easily just by Crossing the the Tromso road bridge, it’s the first building you will see. The front of the building has a big cross at the entrance and at the back of the building you will see a big colorful mosaic glasswork.

Fjellheisen Cable Car

After crossing the Tromso bridge from Tromso  Island to mainland Tromso over the strait of Tromsøysundet go up the street next to the Arctic Cathedral and turn right at the Spar shop and follow the signs Fjellheisen to get to the Cable Car station to take the cable car up the mountain from which you have a great view over Tromso.
In wintertime try to go before 2pm as it gets dark after that, still with a nice view over Tromso and it’s city lights. I personally liked more the clearer view. There’s also restaurant on top of the mountain where you can try the reindeer burger with a local Norwegian beer like I did. I stayed on the mountain about 1 hour and half before taking the cable line down again and walk my way back to the city center the same way I came by crossing the Tromso bridge.

The Domkirke, the only wooden Cathedral in Norway

Arctic Cathedral

side wall of the Arctic Cathedral

Arctic Cathedral

glasswork at the backside of the Cathedral


taking the cable car

clear sky view, last hour of daylight

view over Tromso Island

Arctic selfie

great views over the mountains and the visitors footprints in the snow

Cable line endstation on the mountain

what a view, it’s getting darker

another great view

Tromso and the Tromso bridge at 3pm in the afternoon dark sky

Restaurant at Fjelheissen

trying the reindeer burger

Where to stay ?

I stayed in the Tromso Activities hostel which is a very good hostel.
It’s possible to book tours here and the friendly staff will help you with that. The hostel is a budget friendly alternative to the rather expensive hotels in Tromso. It’s not the cheapest hostel I’ve stayed in, but still better than the expensive hotels.
There are not many hostels in Tromso and it’s the only one I could find online that matched my budget.

My hostel in Tromso

How to get from the airport to city center?

Easy , just take bus 42 to the city center, cross the parkinglot and buy a ticket from the ticket machine. Above the ticket machine there is a screen that shows the waiting time for your next bus. A ticket is about 3 euros , a cab would cost you 5 times more about 15 euros. You don’t need cash in Norway, you can just use your credit card for everything.

crdit card ticket machine outside the airport to buy my bus ticket for bus 42

The main reason why I came to Tromso

Offcourse to do the Activities like Dog sledding, meeting the reindeer and the Sami people and offcourse the Northern lights. More about this in my next post.



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