Diving with Crocodiles in Zimbabwe

One of the activities which you can do exclusively in Zimbabwe when stayin at the Victoria Falls is to dive with Crocodiles.
Crocodiles are my favorite animals since I been a kid. This was just something I really wanted to do, to have a close underwater encounter with these beasts. The only way to get these close face to face with the Crocs was getting into a cage that gets lowered into the pool with two of these predators.

the cage

ready to enter the cage

the crocodile is waiting

I’m ready

ready to get down

up close with two of these giants

In the cage you can observe the animal and even touch the animal, hi5 him or scratch his belly when he’s swimming on top of the cage.
In Darwin Australia you can have a similar experience, but you are not in a cage, but in a cylinderform glass tank. I prefer the experience in Zimbabwe as you are in a real cage like an animal and not behind glass, so you really can touch the animal., but only when the crocodile is on top of the cage, don’t stick your hand out when he’s in front of you or it won’t be a great experience at all 🙂


belly scratch

the eye of the tiger, I mean Crocodile ! 🙂

I also got some cow liver on a stick and fed them, in no time it was gone, hold on very tight to the stick when feeding them cause when they snap the bait of your stick, you will feel the power of their jaws.
One of the crocodiles was a very rare one, albino crocodile, more white than green.
Not many albino crocodiles you can find on our planet so this is also one more reason to go and check this place out. Croc cage diving is located at the Elephant shopping centre in the centre of Victoria Falls Town. If you are familiar with diving and don’t have problems breathing under water than definitely you got to try this and don’t be afraid they can not bite you when you are in the cage and you don’t put your hands out.

The Albino Croc



Zambia the most peacefull nation

When I arrived at the airport in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, I bought myself the Kaza Univisa, which allows you to cross the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia as many times as you want during a period of 30 days, also daytrips to Botswana are covered by that visa. So that was my plan to not only visit Zimbabwe side of the Vic Falls but also the Zambian side. I stayed at the Livingstone hostel in Livingstone. The town of Livingstone is nothing special, it’s more authentic then the Victoria Falls village in Zimbabwe, but in Zimbabwe its more clean. Anyway the plus of Livingstone is the fact that the many activities you can do at the Victoria Falls are cheaper than if you book the same activities in Zimbabwe, you can almost save 10 dollars or more on every activity.
The downside is that Livingstone is further away from the falls then the Victoria Falls village in Zimbabwe, so you need to take a bus or a taxi to the Victoria bridge in nomans land, its between the borders of both countries, but some locals there they tell you that half of the bridge is Zimbabwe and the other half Zambia. To enter the Victoria Falls park in Zambia it’s also less expensive than the park entrance in Zimbabwe. In Zambia you pay 20 dollars while it’s 30 in Zimbabwe and in Zambia you got more trails you can do towards the falls. They say the best side is the Zimbabwe side, but to me the Zambian side is the more interesting side. Also if you visit the falls in Zambia between August and March you can go into the Devils Pool, you can actually sit on the edge of the falls, when the water level is low in the Zambezi river. I was at the falls when the water level was high at full throttle so I didn’t get this experience but then again there are so much other things to do. For example at the Victoria bridge you can do exciting activities like the bridge slide and since I never did that before I gave it a go.
Sliding from Zambia into Zimbabwe. After the safety briefing and signing some documents I was ready for take-off. The zipline goes 300 meter above the Zambezi river and it’s a great slide with great views over the water, the gorge and the bridge.
You can also do a bridge swing or bungee jump but for me the bridge slide was adventurous enough. You can buy a package to do all the bridge activities or just one. After that I visited the Victoria Falls park on the Zambian side, cause after all I’m in Zambia now. I did two trails and the third one I only did a small part of it since I didn’t want to get my clothes all wet again like in Zimbabwe. I saw enough of the waterfalls from different viewpoints, maybe not from all of them but then again when you visit the falls at full throttle you only get to see the begin part of the falls, the rest is mist anyway.
The last day in Zambia I went on a Rhino walking safari, to spot Rhinos. It’s hard to see Rhinos in the wild, you must be lucky cause on most game drives in the wildlife parks you rarely see them. However in the Mosi Oa Tunya Park they take you on this walking safari in the search of Rhinos and they claim that you will see them cause the key to success is to follow the tracks of the Rhino. There is the park ranger who spends most of his day at the park looking for tracks, foot prints of the Rhino everyday to know in which direction the Rhino went. After a quick mini game drive in the park where I saw some other animals like Impala’s, wildebeests and Elephants, it was time to get out the jeep and meet the ranger also called the man with the gun. The gun is only used in dangerous situations when absolutely necessary for protection. According to our guide we were lucky to see the Rhinos after only 10 minutes of the walk. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 hours before you spot them. Two Rhinos a mother and a little one walking side by side and they didn’t bother much the presence of humans. You have to keep a distance of at least 10 meters but I never felt unsafe being so close to them. Great animals and time in Zambia well spend.

Zambian flag

Baboon at the border gate

Livingstone Zambia

Victoria Falls Bridge sign

Victoria Falls Bridge

Crossing the bridge

Zambezi River

Looking down the Zambezi River

all strapped up and ready for the Bridge slide

ready for take off

off I go

Here I go off the Batoka Gorge Zambia

great view



Victoria Falls Park in Zambia

Livingstone Statue on the Zambian side is a little bit different then the one in Zimbabwe

Vic Falls Zambia

It’s a jungle down there

a lot of green on the walking trail

With the park ranger of Mosi Oa Tunya Park Zambia

Mother and baby Rhino

coming closer

me with the Rhino

wildebeests in the Mosi Oa Tunya Park


Botswana stuck in the middle of Chobe River


Botswana Flag standing in the middle of the swamp – Chobe NP

First view of Chobe NP

During my stay at the Vic Falls in Zimbabwe, I planned on doing some activities and one of them is doing a game drive or safari in one of Africa’s greatest wildlife park Chobe NP in Botswana. It would become the highlight of my African trip, thank you Botswana ! The trip to Botswana was a bless, I saw more animals than I expected.
They say you got to be lucky well, if I get to see lions I consider myself lucky.
The day trip to Botswana famous wildlife park started with an early morning pick up at the hostel and then it went straight to the Kasane border. It went really fast and smoothly. After a short drive in through Kasane town, we entered the park.

Kasane Border Botswana

Consider yourself lucky when you see Lions


This trip includes the game drive which is off course in a safari jeep and afterwards you embark a small boat on the Chobe river to see the wildlife that lives in the water like Crocodiles and Hippo’s but also Elephants who like to cool off in the water. All of that I saw in Chobe and I could easily do it again, it was worthed.
While cruising for about an hour on the river looking for wildlife, it was time to have a lunch break, at the raft a floating restaurant in the middle of the river. great food, barbecue, vegetables, dessert and a variety of drinks to choose from.

the Raft floating restaurant

The staff welcomed us with a very catchy song that was in my head for the rest of my African stay. Stomach filled and back to the boat again to continue to spot some more wildlife and the best was yet to come :

Getting stuck in the middle of Chobe river

boat ride on the Chobe river

We were with 8 people in the boat and our guide, when suddenly the motor of our boat broke down, the connection cable was broke, unable to make contact and to steer the wheel in a proper way. There we were stuck in the middle of the Chobe river surrounded by Hippo’s, but they don’t eat meat so we didn’t worry, the Croc’s however do, but they were hiding under the water or maybe watching us disguised between the high grass plants in the water.

Hippo’s opening their mouth

huge Hippo’s

Thank God smartphones can save your ass one day, so after a call some other boat came to the rescue, we had to jump from one boat to the other and try not to fall in the water.
It just adds up to the great day it has been and another story to tell.
Ending my post about Chobe with the list of animals I’ve seen :
Buffalo,Elephants, Giraffes,Lions,Crocodiles,Hippo’s,Monitor Lizard,Fish Eagle,Marabou Storks and a lot of Impalas.

Buffalo in the shade

Buffalo staring from the bushes (try to find)

the longnecks 🙂

giraffes observing the lions walking in the distance

Giraf and Impala

more impalas

impalas crossing the road

Lions with Impala bone in mouth

Mother Lion in the shade, just before she got disturbed by the tourists and their camera’s

2 lion cubs

Marabou stork


Fish Eagle

Monitor lizard

Elephants taking a bath

The Elephant family

My all time favorite the Crocodile

Another Croc


Zimbabwe Vic Falls full throttle

Victoria Falls the natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is a well-known natural phenomenal waterfall. I decided to stay here for about 5 days. 3 days in Zimbabwe with one day going to Botswana and 2 days in Livingstone Zambia.
After visiting the Niagara Falls twice and the Iguazu falls in the past, the Victoria Falls were on my list for a long time. I visited the Falls in may, which means it’s the wet season where the water is at a high level, falling down at an enormous speed and with a lot of power, the whole falls going down the canyon are hard to see, because of the mist that is forming the view are not that great, but you get to see nice rainbows forming itself in the mist. On the Zimbabwe side you follow one long trail with different viewing points. I started from the Livingstone statue. There are 2 Livingstone statues at the Falls, one on this side and the other one on the Zambian side.
The park entrance fee was 30 usd and I got myself a poncho but I got soaked anyway.
Didn’t do all the viewpoints, I stopped at number 13, cause there was so much water at point 14 and beyond that I would have got my shoes completely wet. It was already enough for me that my clothes got wet, so I didn’t want to mess up my shoes. I got enough nice pictures of the parts that I could see of the falls, the parts where there was less mist forming, but I realize that one day I will have to come again in the winter season when the water is at its low and when you can see the depth of the Falls.
When staying at the Zimbabwe side you most likely will be staying at the Vic Falls village which is very clean, maybe a little to touristy but then again it’s not that crowded, in the evening restaurants are open but it wasn’t that alive the village, calm, not over crowded by tourists and actually a little bit death, like a ghost town not that much to do.
I went to a restaurant and tried crocodile and zebra steak and despite this great food it wasn’t even full. I thought there would be more tourist going out in the evening or having some African dinner at one of the restaurants, but it was relatively quiet.

Zimbabwe Flag

Entrance of the Zambezi Park Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

map of the trail on the Zimbabwean side

The difference in water level during the different seasons

let’s start walking

Livingstone Statue my starting point

First view on the Vic Falls

rainbow in the mist


The Fridge of Africa

Lesotho, the roof of Africa it’s called, also the Kingdom in the sky as it’s the highest country in Africa, if you go then make sure you wear something warm cause it can be cold in Lesotho, that’s why I call it the fridge of Africa. After Cape Town, I flew more East to Durban the 3rd biggest city of South Africa, from here I decided to take a day trip over the Sani Pass to Lesotho.

Going to Lesotho

I got my pick up in the very early morning at Curiocity Hostel Durban with tour agency “roof of Africa”. On the way to Underberg where I had to change the vehicle for a 4X4 and that’s necessary to go over the Sani Pass, as the roads are very bad, rocks, mud, etc,… you need a car made for this kind of terrain. Not so long after leaving Underberg, I was heading towards the southern part of the Drakensberg. The road was getting worse as the car was climbing up the pass. Along the pass, I passed the 12 apostles mountain formations, to arrive to the border control to get my exit stamp of South Africa. 8km of Nomans land untill reaching the border control of Lesotho.

The way to Lesotho

4X4 to cope with the bad mountain roads


South African border post @ Sani Pass

making the way up in Nomans land between South Africa and Lesotho

view over the Sani Pass, this is suicide bend

In Lesotho I visited a typical village and see how people live on these mountain pass.
I visited one of these small houses where a lady baked Lesotho bread and wow what was it tasty and warm. Outside I saw shepherds walking with their sheep in the direction of the highest Pub in Africa. Really special to have a Pub so high in the mountains and so close to the border post of Lesotho. I had lunch there and a Maluti beer, the pride of Lesotho. The walls in the pub are written all over with messages adventurous travellers are leaving behind, sticking postcards, photos, stickers and money bills from their on country on the wall to leave their mark. The way back to South Africa was very bumpy descending the mountain pass this time. Overall I had a great trip and if you are in Durban you should do it, as Durban is rather boring, so this Lesotho trip was a bless.

African Village

Typical Lesotho house

The local sheperds

Delicious Lesotho bread

Visiting the Pub in the clouds, the Highest Pub in Africa

At the bar in the Highest Pub in Africa

The famous bar

Messages written on walls and ceiling

I tried this beer and it was really good

terrace in the clouds

view from the terrace


Robben Island the Symbol of Apartheid

South Africa had a system of apartheid that existed for years, from 1948 till 1994, a system of racial segregation. More about Apartheid for those who don’t know check Wikipedia. I’m not going into further detail about it.
The symbol of Apartheid is the Island that’s about 8 km away off the coast of Cape Town known as Robben Island. Nelson Mandela former president of South Africa was imprisoned here together with other political activists who were opposed the Apartheid system in South Africa. Boats take off everyday from the Waterfront in weather permitting, cause with too much wind and heavy waters they call it off. In fact 3 days in a row it got cancelled, I got lucky that the day for which I bought the ticket for at the Waterfront Robben Island museum and exhibition centre was a calm day at sea.
The ticket price includes the 30 minute ferry ride and a tour of the Island with a guide.

Entrance gate Robben Island

Once arrived on the Island you go straight to a bus, to take a historical tour of the Island to the main sights, with a photostop at a shop where you have a view on Cape Town and Table Mountain, but I didn’t see much, the city got lost in the many clouds that were hanging over it. next stop was a stop at the prison itself where an ex inmate was our guide, explaining everything about the tough life the prisoners had at Robben Island, the places where they had to do hard labour, to the cells where the inmates slept on the floor on a mat.
The ex-prisoner who was our guide served 18 years, where as Mandela spend 27 years on Robben Island. After visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco California in 2005 and the prison concentration camps of Breendonk (Belgium) and Auschwitz (Poland), this was my 4th Historical prison that I visited and it’s just weird to walk around freely as a tourist in a place where people were imprisoned for so many years.

photo opportunity with no view on Cape Town, just clouds

guards lookout post

on the picture the last released prisoners of Robben Island

Nelson Mandela’s prison cell

ID of a prisoner

Back on the boat to Cape Town

Nelson Mandela Statue at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Wandering around in Cape Town


Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the nicest places to visit not only in Africa but in the world. That’s what I’ve heard. I was only for a short period of time here so I had to limit myself to what I wanted to see. After a city trip with the hop on hop off bus with stops at Camps Bay with its beautiful beach, I chose also to buy the ticket to Table Mountain at the office of the Hop on Hop off bus company at the Waterfront. This was to avoid the queues at the Table Mountain by cable car, cause I wasn’t going to climb it by foot as it would take to much of my limited time, though it’s an option to consider if you like hiking and climbing and have the time for it. The Cable car has a rotating floor, giving you different views while you are going up which is very convenient. On Table Mountain it was very chilly, so bring a jacket. You have many different view points and expect to meet some animals like several bird species and the Rock Hyrax aka Dassie, a mammal that lives on the rocks of Table Mountain mostly eating plants.

Table Mountain Frame


Camp’s Bay

Taking the Cable car to Table Mountain

Here I am Table Mountain

Dassies living on Table Mountain

View over Cape Town, with the Football stadion

In total I would stay only 2 days in Cape Town which is indeed short but it was enough for me to tick off Table Mountain with its view over the city (although sometimes I had to wait for the clouds to clear up) and to go visit Robben Island the next day.
If you have more time you can visit Cape of Good Hope which is outside of Cape Town and it’s a day tour offered by many agencies. From what I’ve heard the road to it is nice, but so was Ocean road in Australia and it’s similar to that so that’s one of the reasons I chose Robben Island over this and the fact that Robben Island is a historical place.
More on Robben Island click (here)

In Cape town I spend most time wandering around at the Waterfront and Camps Bay.
Went eating in Belgian restaurant at the Waterfront called “Den Anker” but I was a little disappointed, despite the good reviews this restaurant gets for its food and service.
I ordered a Belgian beer with a stew and frites. The frites where these small frites that you get at McDonald’s with no taste. I expected Belgian frites in a Belgian restaurant, which are ticker and tastier. Anyway since I’m from Belgium maybe I should eat Belgian food at home and not abroad, fair enough, but after Namibia I was missing some Belgian cuisine. Also I thought I probably will not get this opportunity again in the other African countries I’m about to visit in the next following days, so let’s fill up my stomach well this time.

Sossusvlei a 3 day Trip to the Namib Desert

One of the places that I really wanted to go visit in Namibia was the Sossusvlei region in the Namib desert. Death Vlei in particular.

Death Vlei

After leaving Windhoek first from the Wild dog safari office, which is the tour agency I booked the trip with, we were heading towards Sesriem, travel over scenic roads with view on mountains and desert, to make a photo stop in a small town Solitaire. Photos of car wrecks with the desert landscape in behind is what most tourist take, reminding me about some of these ghost towns in the US.


car wrecks

car wreck Solitaire

After few hours of driving, our little tour bus arrived to the campsite. Here we had to set up our tents. 14 people on these trip, about 7 tents with 2 persons in each tent.
When our tents were set up, we headed to see the sunset from the nearby dunes. Once we came back the dinner was ready, barbecue and then to sleep cause the next day we head to get up early to climb the famous Dune 45.

Campsite in Sesriem

Day 2

The Morning was very chill, as in any desert the nights and mornings can be really cold and chilly. Climbing Dune 45 was a real physical test, climbing a dune looks easy but, it ain’t cause you sink away in the sand, your shoes get filled up with the sand making it more heavy for you to walk and since its very cold in the morning, flip-flops are not an option at all. I don’t wear flip-flops anyway but I remember our guides saying to bring closed shoes to climb the dune. You got to have a jacket, I had a training vest and I still had it very cold as the wind was blowing. However once I arrived on top of the dune, it was all worth the hassle, superb view and colors changing the view of the desert area when the sun came up. Once of the best sunrises I have seen. If you remember the opening scene of Disney’s Lion King well for me it kind of felt that way. That opening tune in the Disney movie it played in my head at that moment. Here I am on this massive sand dune 45, my introduction to Africa.
When you go up you got to go down, so after some photos it was time to descend the dune cause breakfast was waiting.

Sunrise seen from Dune 45

Dune 45

photo moment

after the walk – me in front of Dune 45

After that we were on our way to Sossusvlei to have a 5km walk through the dunes. On the way I saw some animals like the Oryx, some little snakes, luckily not poison once and a jackal before arriving at Death Vlei. It means dead valley, between two high dunes of orange sand, the sand has this dark orange color because of the iron in it.
The death trees standing in the valley are there for more than 1000 years, Some are 500 years dead now and still standing. Those trees could live over 1000 years because they have deep roots and could find water very deep in the ground, but now that the desert dried out there is no water anymore, and it all died. Because of the dry temperature the ground is also very hard and has this white color. This landscape is surreal it’s like walking into an art painting. It was very hot that day so bring at least 1L of water.


suddenly there were 2 of these Oryxes

the Jackal

From here I started my 5 km walk to wards Death Vlei

orange sand dunes

Acacia tree

landscape is changing, dry ground

First sight of Death Vlei

Later that day we got to see the Sesriem Canyon and walked down the canyon to see the forms and curves of the stones. Watching the Sunset at Sesriem canyon before going back to our campsite for our last dinner and night with the group.

Sesriem Canyon

Walking in the Sesriem Canyon


Day 3

It was an epic experience in the Namib desert and a tour I could easily do again. Going back to Windhoek with drop off to my accommodation.


Namibia Africa for Beginners

After visiting so many countries and being to all Continents, i realized that there was something missing with Africa. Only been twice when I was a kid with my parents in 1991 to Tunisia and in 1992 to Egypt. The real Africa which is the black Africa as they say, was still on my list, so many interesting countries to choose from. I began my African adventure in Namibia from which I’ve heard is “Africa from beginners” since it’s a very calm and chill country  to start.  I had a flight from Brussels with stopovers in London and JoBurg (Johannesburg) to Windhoek the capital of Namibia. It didn’t go very smoothly as I had envisioned it myself. Here is the story, it all started in the morning-glory on may the 5th, the day of my departure. Got a msg on my phone from google services that my evening flight with British airways would be delayed. My first reaction was, how do they already know so early in the morning that my evening flight will be delayed ?? Anyway I got to London later that day and while I had some hours to kill, I just did some people watching in the airport as suddenly again a msg popped up on my screen that the flight is still delayed. On the departure screens everything seemed normal, so after finding an information point of British airways where I asked them if there are any issues with my flight, they said no after looking it up in their system. Here is what I’m asking myself if it makes any sense asking since they might not tell you anyway even if something is wrong. Later that day, in the evening I was at the gate, passed all these checks and controls in the UK of which I think is ridiculous coming from mainland Europe I already had a decent check in Belgium, so why sill all these control in transit, it ‘s just a pain in the ass for all the people transiting I guess. Just to compare it with Istanbul airport where in transit coming from Brussels I didn’t had to go through any of the scanners since in Turkey they know I already had it in Belgium. Anyway this is the UK different rules I guess. So I’m waiting at the gate and for the first time I see on the screen that my flight is displayed with a msg next to it that says “please wait”. time is ticking and I realize we should be boarding already, people around me are also asking themselves what is going on. I see this sign on the wall British airways information point go straight about 20 meters,  5 empty seats, nobody there. At another gate there was one lady of British airways, I asked her about my flight and the fact that I should have been already in the air by now time and she told me they will announce it one hour before departure. I said no my flight should already been in the air and nothing has been announced yet, so whats going on ? She said again that announcement will be made one hour before departure. I’m thinking to myself am I retarded or what the fuck is this , British airways hiring dumb cunts to sleep on the job ?
10 minutes later 5 people from British turned up, maybe these are the people of the 5 empty seats ? Who knows ? So they turn up to announce that the flight to Johannesburg is cancelled, there is no other flight and everybody was sent that night to the Sofitel hotel next to the airport. I told them that Joburg is not my final destination and that I don’t care of how I’m suppose to get to Johannesburg since I need to go to Windhoek, Joburg is just another transit. They told me to go early to the airport the next morning and that’s what I did, they rebooked me to another British airways flight on their expense to Frankfurt and from there with a direct connection with Air Namibia to Windhoek. All payed by British airways thanks a lot morons ! Yeah the reason that I’m still pissed at British is because they must have known all the way it would be a problem with the flight, even google knew it for fuck sake. All they did at British was play stupid and giving no info at all. Small detail when I checked in at the Sofitel, the man at the reception had to smile and said “British airways?” I said “yes” and he told me it’s not the first time British has to send people to the hotel, looks like Sofitel is doing good business because of the morons at British airways.
My flight in Frankfurt for Windhoek also got delayed by one hour but that’s because French airspace was closed sending a lot of planes over Italian airspace and the flight had to wait for confirmation from the Italian air control to fly over. What I can tell is I was happy when I finally got to Windhoek ! I lost one day but it didn’t have any effect on my travel plan.

Windhoek Here I am what do you got for me ?

Ok lets cut to the chase, I can be short on Windhoek. It’s really Africa for beginners as there is not much to begin with. The National museum, the Christuskirche or Christ Curch, parliament gardens with the parliament building and these are the tree things I’ve seen on what was the shortest free walking tour I have ever done. Chameleon hostel in Windhoek is doing the free walking tours. I stayed at Rivendell guesthouse which is also a hostel further away from city centre.

The Christuskirche

Parliament gardens

The Parliament building

The National Museum

Namibia has a history with Germany, a lot of street names in the capital are in German, with Strasse instead of street, in the city centre near the museum however I found out that they use also street at the end, for example the Fidel Castro Street which is near the national museum. I visited the museum, it’s free and it has like 5 levels with paintings and historical pictures of when Namibia was a german colony long before World War I and Word War II. The evolution to its independence and the fight against the apartheid system which existed in neighbouring country South Africa.
Namibia had good ties with Cuba, Zimbabwe and North Korea. The building of the national museum and the statue in front of it has been built by North Koreans and the style is similar to buildings in Pyongyang. Also the paintings inside the museum are in the style of the North Korean propaganda posters.

Windhoek was just the starting point of my African trip and from here I did a 3 day Namib desert tour with a local tour agency “Wild Dog Safaris” They offer interesting tours in Namibia and also their online reviews are positive so I took a chance with them and I was not disappointed so I can really recommend them.

Statue outside the National museum

Statue inside the National museum

North Korean style art

another one Dprk style

one of the many paintings

exodus, refugees

Historical past of Colonialism in Namibia

Tank in the museum, about the war with Angola

Here I am with the Namibian flag

Just outside the museum




Going back to the past

What do I mean with going back to the past ? Going back to my childhood and the typical summer vacations or short trips that I did with my parents.

Countries like Germany, France, Spain,Tunisia are a few countries that I have been to with my parents when I was kid and from which I have almost no decent photo material to put online on my blog.
Some short info about the places I did got to see in those countries.


I have been many times to Germany, it’s a transit country, because it’s in the centre of Europe, so you have to cross it if you want to go to Swiss or Austria or to Poland. I have been to all these countries and every time I had to go through Germany and also DDR (East Germany) when going to Poland.
I did see some cities in Germany, so it wasn’t always just driving through the country without making any stop for some sightseeing. Bonn, Cologne,Dresden, Hannover,Frankfurt am Oder are just some places I’ve been.


Close to Belgium, many times did I cross the border, so about France I can say that I have been over the border to Lille, surely I have been to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. Disneyland Paris is also of my list, been there twice.
in 1996 and in 2001. It’s my neighbour country and a lot of Belgians go to France on vacation, however in my case it was never like that. I have never stayed longer in the country then 3 or 4 days. short trips but never beachvacations in the South of France and untill this day I am one of the few Belgians not attracted to France at all, maybe one day it will change when I’m old, who knows.


The classic sea & sun beach vacation in Benidorm at the Costa Blanca (1989,1991)
Pine Del Mar – Barcelona (1992)
I visited Barcelona and Mount Montserrat from which I found 1 picture of me (see below)
It was a daytrip from Barcelona to Montserrat Mountain, this mountain has several peaks, there you have a Benedictine abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat with the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary. As a kid I was more impressed by the mountain itself and the curvy roads going up there then I was about the abbey. It is worth a visit if you are in Barcelona and you have seen everything the city has to offer you might consider doing a daytrip to Montserrat.

Montserrat abbay and mountain

Montserrat abbey and mountain



The first time I visited Africa was in 1991 and Tunisia was to be my first country on the African continent.
It was a flight to Monastir and from there a bus to Port El Kantaoui.
A classic beach holiday but also some culture as I remember visiting some old Roman amphitheatre in El Jem. First time I tried couscous, a Camel ride and even got to feed the camel in an original way from which I have found one picture (see below)

giving some cactus to the Camel - Tunesia

giving some cactus to the Camel – Tunisia