BAM BAM KazakhstaN !!


Almaty was the former capital of Kazakhstan and the 2nd city I visited in the country.
I have only spend 2 days in the city and  found it a very busier city then Astana, alot of traffic, but taking the metro is a good way to move around and not many people seem to take the metro, it was empty everytime I took the tube. Continue reading



Last year I visited 3 of the Stan countries and this year I visited the other 2, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. you can argue about how many Stan countries there are but “the Stans” was the name given to the 5 ex-sovjet republics who end all on “stan”. I’m not counting Pakistan, Afghanistan in this category. The biggest Stan would be Kazakhstan and I got to visit Astana which is the current modern capital, which will be hosting the World expo next year in 2017 and the former capital Almaty (more on this in a future post)
When you visit a country you need to make a choice in what you want to see and as for now I wanted to specifically go see these 2 cities. Continue reading