The Fridge of Africa

Lesotho, the roof of Africa it’s called, also the Kingdom in the sky as it’s the highest country in Africa, if you go then make sure you wear something warm cause it can be cold in Lesotho, that’s why I call it the fridge of Africa. After Cape Town, I flew more East to Durban the 3rd biggest city of South Africa, from here I decided to take a day trip over the Sani Pass to Lesotho.

Going to Lesotho

I got my pick up in the very early morning at Curiocity Hostel Durban with tour agency “roof of Africa”. On the way to Underberg where I had to change the vehicle for a 4X4 and that’s necessary to go over the Sani Pass, as the roads are very bad, rocks, mud, etc,… you need a car made for this kind of terrain. Not so long after leaving Underberg, I was heading towards the southern part of the Drakensberg. The road was getting worse as the car was climbing up the pass. Along the pass, I passed the 12 apostles mountain formations, to arrive to the border control to get my exit stamp of South Africa. 8km of Nomans land untill reaching the border control of Lesotho.

The way to Lesotho

4X4 to cope with the bad mountain roads


South African border post @ Sani Pass

making the way up in Nomans land between South Africa and Lesotho

view over the Sani Pass, this is suicide bend

In Lesotho I visited a typical village and see how people live on these mountain pass.
I visited one of these small houses where a lady baked Lesotho bread and wow what was it tasty and warm. Outside I saw shepherds walking with their sheep in the direction of the highest Pub in Africa. Really special to have a Pub so high in the mountains and so close to the border post of Lesotho. I had lunch there and a Maluti beer, the pride of Lesotho. The walls in the pub are written all over with messages adventurous travellers are leaving behind, sticking postcards, photos, stickers and money bills from their on country on the wall to leave their mark. The way back to South Africa was very bumpy descending the mountain pass this time. Overall I had a great trip and if you are in Durban you should do it, as Durban is rather boring, so this Lesotho trip was a bless.

African Village

Typical Lesotho house

The local sheperds

Delicious Lesotho bread

Visiting the Pub in the clouds, the Highest Pub in Africa

At the bar in the Highest Pub in Africa

The famous bar

Messages written on walls and ceiling

I tried this beer and it was really good

terrace in the clouds

view from the terrace