Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas !


Las Vegas is one of the craziest places in the world, maybe the craziest. Crazy people, party’s, shows, the whole atmosphere, the annoying sounds of the slotmachines constantly ringing in your head a soon as you enter a casino. I was 3 times in Vegas, the first 2 times in (2000 & 2003) I only spend there 1 day and night, in 2011 I stayed there for 5 days and had some more time to enjoy this place, to go out and party in the Palms. Continue reading

New York

New York is the most visited city in the US, city trips to New York are becoming more and more popular. I spend a week in New York visiting the most interesting places. Continue reading

My Favorite Country in the World USA


Why is the United States my favorite country ? Well I guess because there are so many things to see. Big Cities that I know from the many hollywood movies and American sitcoms that I used to watch alot when I was in highschool. National park, world-famous monuments and buildings. Maybe it all started when being a kid I had the chance to travel to the United States with my parents back in 1988. My first visit it was to Florida visiting Orlando and World Disney with Epcot and Sea World, before heading to Thunder Bay Ontario in Canada. We had family living there from my mother’s side. Continue reading