Looking for Rudolph the red nosed reindeer in Tromsø

Reindeer sledding and Sami experience

If you are looking for reindeer, forgot about Rudolph and go on a reindeer sledding tour with the Sami people.
They are known for looking after the reindeer , feeding them, raising them and protecting them in the wintertime from predators. So from the far North they bring them together around the Tromso area in the Arctic reindeer camp. It’s a huge piece of land with enough space to herd the reindeer.
Visiting the Sami people and their reindeers was an awesome experience. Usually reindeer are very shy and they would run away if you would spot them in the wild, but at the Arctic reindeer camp it’s possible to get close to them and feed them.
I took a bucket with some reindeer food already in it and made some noise by shaking my bucket and the first reindeer where approaching towards me.
When you feed the reindeer hold the bucket with your arm stretched and don’t lean too much over with your head down, or you could get a reindeer horn in your face.

After feeding the reindeer, I walked around taking some pictures, watching the animals react to all the people visiting them, until it was time for me to go on the sled and let a reindeer pull forward on the ice. Ice sledding on a frozen lake with a reindeer leading the way, how more awesome can it get !

The tour that I booked said it was only 10 minutes, but in reality it was double that time and worth the extra money. It’s also possible to book the same tour with just feeding the reindeer, but I wanted to go on the ice with the sled and happy I did.

There was also food included on this tour, ironically, it was reindeer stew, reindeer meat with potatoes and carrots in a delicious sauce. I got two portions and it really fills up your stomach very well.
After I finished my meal I got together with all the other visitors and the Sami people in a big tent. In the center a big fire was made to bring warmth and light into the place.
Then we listened to the stories the Sami women had to tell.
It was about their traditions, experience of herding the reindeer for centuries, about the different clothes they wear, the songs they sing and also learning us more about the reindeer.
Definitely recommend this tour if you want to get up close with the reindeer of the Arctic.