Daytrip from Sliema to Gozo & Comino Islands

Just a cross the street of my hotel “The Sliema Marina” where I was staying I saw these boats leaving everyday with tourists to Valletta or to Gozo and Comino Island bringing them back in the evening when it was already dark. Around 6 or 7 pm. Since I have been in Malta in november this means it’s already dark around 5 pm in this time of the year. To complete my Malta trip I had to visit those Islands even if it would be for a short time and just to go out there and see something.
The next day I bought my ticket at a small ticket boot, there are many companies who try to sell you tickets for the boat and busses and the good thing is since tourist season is over in October the prices in november are much cheaper, more discounts are being given and the drinks at the bar like beer and soft drinks were free, real open bar. The weather is still ok, not so hot, however sometimes in november you can have heavy rains and winds but since Malta is an island it quickly goes away. I was lucky this time, no rain like I experienced in Batumi (Georgia) and Kotor (Montenegro).

Boat trip to Gozo and Comino from Sliema

Hotel Sliema Marina

upper deck of the bus touring Gozo

Gozo countryside

Cittadella Fortress in Victoria

John Paul II statue inner court of the Cittadella

The boat heads first for the biggest Island of the two which is Gozo, there all the people get of the boat and hop in to a bus, so did, I sat in the upper deck of the bus, it’s the same kind of busses like the hop on hop off busses, but from another company. The place you go see is the Cittadella fortress in the Victoria the capital of Gozo. In the Cittadella there are several museums, there is a cathedral with in front a statue of Pope John Paul II and a restaurant.

Cathedral of the Cittadella

walking the Cittadella walls


After spending an hour there, it was back to the bus and then back to the boat again to set for Comino the smallest Island. In the summertime Comino is popular for watersports, no people live there is what I’ve been told and I can imagine cause all you see are rocks, cliffs and caves. We got out at the Blue lagoon, a spot were you can take a plunge in the mighty blue water. I didn’t go for a dive as I found it to windy. I did a little walk to get a little idea about the island but basically I felt like it was more of stepping foot on it and that’s it. I think in full summer it must be nice to come here for the whole day and swim and dive from the cliffs in to the water.

Comino Island

Blue Lagoon

Elephant rock

It was a nice day out and since this was my last full day in Malta it was better for me to go on this day trip to see a glimpse of the other two Islands then to spend my day walking around Valletta again or to go shopping in Sliema.

evening falls on our way back


Day Trip to Blue Mountains & Featherdale Wildlife Park

Going on a Day trip from a big city in to the nature, it’s a huge difference and sometimes a welcoming getaway to see and do something else. To admire nature or wildlife and go on hiking for example in the Blue Mountains. It’s a perfect day trip when you are in Sydney. Most people who spend a few days in Sydney or in the area will do a trip to the Blue Mountains. The most famous landmark of the Blue Mountains national park are the “Three Sisters” see picture below :

three Sisters

Before my visit to the Blue Mountains national park, there was a stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, most of the animals here I also got to see at the Lone Pine Sanctuary park in Brisbane, except for a few species like the little blue Penguins. I have been to Antarctica and I know there are many different Penguin species in the world but this Blue Penguins are really tiny ones and their habitat is in Australia and parts of New Zealand. Other animals I saw at the park were Wombats,Walibi’s,Dingo’s,Kangaroo’s, Koala’s,Pelicans,Varans, Salt water Crocodile etc,…

Sign with the map showing were exactly they live

Little Blue Penguins

Penguin behind bars

D I N G O’s one of my favourite animals

Dingo’s observing

Wandering Walibi

After leaving the park, there was time for a quick lunch which was included in the day tour. Once the stomach was filled up, it was time to do some hiking in the blue mountains, but first a stop at the Echo viewpoint to take a picture of Jamison valley and the Three Sisters. You can see a blue spectrum over the green eucalyptus trees, when temperature rises the evaporation of the eucalyptus trees gives this blue color in the valley and that’s why it’s called the Blue mountains.
Eucalyptus trees are everywhere in Australia and the leaves are the Koala’s favourite meal.
You can take a cable car or you can hike down and climb up all by yourself, by following the different paths. Another nice spot was the Waterfall “Witches leap” with the rock formation of a human face. I enjoyed this trip and definitely recommend it if you are in Sydney to take a day trip to this place.

me at Echo Point with view on the Three Sisters

Blue spectrum in the distance over the mountains

It can be chilly in the mountains, so take a good jacket like I did

Human Face rock formation (waterfall Witches leap)

Cable car over the valley

Statue of the road builders, thanks to them you can hike in the blue mountains along the paths they made



Ta Prohm

Another Temple that I visited in the Angkor complex was Ta Prohm with its huge trees overgrowing big parts of the temple. The trees are in unique shapes and I also saw the most famous tree of them all, the one that got featured in the Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie. Some people call it “The Tomb Raider Temple”.
The Bayon temple is known for its faces this one for its big Banyan trees. So many different temples to visit and each one is different like Beantey Srei with its Monkey statues is in a well-preserved state. Less tourist here but surrounded by the jungle its a must see and well worth to take your time and have a look.

Ta Prohm entrance

Ta Prohm entrance


Tree overgrowing the temple walls



This is the famous tree from the Tomb Raider movie scene with Angelina Jolie

This is the famous tree from the Tomb Raider movie scene with Angelina Jolie


P1040332 P1040328

P1040352 P1040347




Monkey carvings


Entrance Banteay Srei

P1040227 P1040241 P1040243 P1040244 P1040249 P1040251

This is a zebra caterpillar I guess 🙂

Daytrip from Lisbon Sintra Cascais

While in Lisbon I did a daytrip to Pena, Sintra and Cascais, you can book this trip from any hotel or hostel as a half day trip or a full day trip. I took the half day trip but the trick is that it can save you money. Most people they go for the full day trip, so when a minivan arrived at my hotel to pick me up, the driver told me that since I was the only one who booked the half day tour, he will let me do the full day trip with the rest of the people on this tour at no extra charge. So I payed for half day excursion and got the full day, great deal for me and at the end of the trip I gave the driver some extra tip. Don’t know if this always works but I think it would be crazy for him to drive back to Lisbon to drop me off and then go back to do the rest of the tour with all the others.
The first visit in the cloudy and foggy morning was the Pena Palace. The colors and architecture of this palace which is situated in the middle of a park up hill makes this place look like it comes out of children’s fairy tale book.


Palacio da Pena – try to find me 🙂


incredibly detailed


View from the Palace


In the town of Sintra, I visited the Sintra National Palace with its big twin chimney’s and walked around the main square, had a lunch there and checked out the many souvenir shops in the narrow steeply streets.


The Sintra National Palace


Main square in Sintra


The steeply streets with restaurants and souvenir shops

In the afternoon the sun came out and the fog and clouds disappeared, great moment to go to Cascais and visit Cabo da Roca and Boca do Inferno on our way.

Cabo da Roca is the most Western point of the European continent.

Cabo da Roca monument

Cabo da Roca monument

Monument that says it's the most Western point of Portugal and Europe

Monument that says it’s the most Western point of Portugal and Europe

Cliffs at Cabo da Roca

Cliffs at Cabo da Roca

Near Cascais is Boca do Inferno (Hell’s mouth). The Seawater slams into the rocky caves, it’s a popular place that attracts many visitors.


Boca do Inferno


Finally I arrived in the city of Cascais to enjoy the beach, watch the fisherman bringing in their catch of the day. Portugal is the place to be if you want to eat good fish, it’s what I’ve heard but then again I’m not a big fish eater so what do I know. To know you have to try it for yourself here in Cascais.


many people at the beach on this beautiful day in Cascais




Fishermen arriving in the port of Cascais

Fishermen arriving in the port of Cascais

nice catch ! From the sea to the restaurant :)

nice catch ! From the sea to the restaurant 🙂


The port of Cascais


Helsinki to Tallinn Daytrip

I took the ferry to cross the Baltic Sea from Helsinki the capital of Finland to Tallinn the capital of Estonia. It was about 2 hours and it was a trip I always wanted to do if I would be in Helsinki cause it’s easy to put another country and City off the bucket list.
I visited the old medieval Tallinn with its city walls and the old town square and city hall. It’s all situated in the lower town. The upper town of Tallinn is where you find the Russian Alexandre Nevski Cathedral on a hill. There is also a nice panoramic viewpoint over the old town and the new modern Tallinn in the distance.

Old Citywalls Tallinn

Old City walls Tallinn

Me in Tallinn Estonia

Me in Tallinn Estonia

Town Hall

Town Hall

Old Town

Old Town

Alexandre Nevski Cathedral

Alexandre Nevski Cathedral