Underestimated San José


After traveling Central America’s countryside and little towns, San José was a very welcome break from it all and the perfect city to end my Central American trip. I stayed 2 days in the city and it was enough to see the main things. Like the National museum with the history of Costa Rica and its butterfly garden.
The teatro nacional of Costa Rica of which its red roof apparently has its origin in Belgium. This Classical Renaissance building has a lobby out of marble with some statues that features artworks by European artists. There is an auditorium where performances are regularly being held.

Teotro Nacional the starting point of the free walking tours in San José

Museo nacional

Butterfly garden

Butterfly eating fruit at the butterfly garden in the museo nacional

The metallic school building Escuela Buenaventura Corrales which also was shipped from Belgium in the late 18 hundreds and put together. The metal plates all have  numbers and letters on them and are put together like a puzzle.

Metallic school

another picture of the metallic school building seen from a nearby park

The reason why I know this is because I did a free walking tour that started at 9 am at the teatro nacional. The guide was a little bit late and apologized for it, instead of a 2 hour tour, it was a 4 hour one which is long but we had several breaks and I really had the feeling I saw everything I needed to see to appreciated this underestimated city.
I guess the guide wanted to make up for the fact he was late, cause normally it’s not that long. It’s the longest free walking tour I have ever done but it was worth it.
There are 2 walking tours and I suggest you go with the guys in the yellow t-shirts as they have a better walking tour then those in the white t-shirts, I know I did both tours.
I read somewhere on the internet on someone elses blog that it’s a boring dangerous city, that’s the biggest bullshit I ever heard. Sorry for my language but San José is a safe city and it’s far from boring, they have some good bars and club where you can go out at night, but make sure you bring your ID with you or you won’t get in. They are pretty strict on that.

Back to the walking tour

What else did I see ? Statues of former politicians and presidents but also the one of the poor farmers in front of the national bank, some nice public parks, one of them is the national park with the national monument representing the war against the United States of filibuster William Walker in 1856. The Central market where some local food specialities, souvenirs and handicrafts are sold and the big white metropolitan Cathedral in the heart of the city.

statue of the poor farmers

The National Monument

national monument (picture I took on the second day when the sun was out)

Metropolitan Cathedral

Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral

Plaza de la libertad

Temple of music in Morazan park

In San José to my surprise I found a monument of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) it’s near the Morazan park with its temple of music and Angel wings statue.

little monument of SMOM

After the tour ended I headed to the Grand Hotel Costa Rica which is just in front of the national teatre where I started the city tour. It’s a very nice hotel with a big lobby area and great view over the national teatre and the nearby shops.

Grand Hotel lobby

Gran Hotel sitting area

View over the plaza with the teatro nacional



Australia my 7th Continent


Most people visit Antarctica as their 7th continent, for me since I’ve been to Antarctica last december (2016) Australia was the last continent and my 7th continent to visit.
After long flight from Brussels to Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur I finally got in Sydney where I would begin my Australian journey.
On my Australian trip I planned a visit to Sydney,Melbourne and Brisbane aswell as Uluru and the great Ocean road, all on my itinerary.
How was my experience in Sydney well it’s surely one of the nicest cities I’ve been to.
Sydney has the views, from the Harbor Bridge over the bay with the Opera House at the opposite site, it’s the photo image of Sydney you see on every postcard but to see it for yourself with your own eyes it makes it even more beautiful.

Sydney Harbour seen from the Harbor Bridge

Walking on the Harbor Bridge

It’s also a very busy city for the locals, Australians in Sydney you see them in the morning and evening when they go to work or come back from it. during the day you see most tourists and immigrants who run their little businesses. Mostly of them are Asians and they got their own restaurants, bars, massage rooms (Thai massage) etc,…

What to do ?

You can visit the Opera House if you are interested in seeing an empty room and a stage, nothing for me as I have been visiting the Music Hall in New York years ago and it also didn’t live up to the expectations. The MTV Music Video Awards were held there and that’s why I wanted to see it and booked a tour of about 2 hours but it was disappointing so I promised to myself never to tour Music halls or Opera buildings again, I don’t find it interesting. The opera house is nice from the outside and I prefer to enjoy to view of it from different angles when I’m outside, then to check out the empty hall inside. Seen pictures on the internet about it and it didn’t convince me to pay the entrance for that. I’m not saying it’s not nice inside from what I’ve seen on google images, but just not worth for me personally to buy a ticket for.
Same thing with the Harbor Bridge, it’s a nice bridge and in Sydney they are proud of it, and how it’s been made. One local guide who I had been going on tour with to the Blue Mountains had allot to say about the history of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and about the possibility to climb it.

Opera House

It’s a nice huge bridge to climb and you have various climbs you can do, depending when you want to go in the early morning or the late afternoon. Prices differ from how long you want to go. Climbs of 1,5 hour or 3 hours.
I personally found it to expensive and also the fact that you can’t bring your camera or smartphone to take pictures is lame. They take pictures for you but then they off course sell it and for the high price that you pay to climb that bridge they could have include the pictures of the experience in the price. So I think they like to rip you off as much as they can for this experience.
Also they make you wear a ridiculous blue suit, why ? I don’t know cause I once saw a Touristic program on tv about bridge climbing in Germany. The bridge was over a highway and you had the nice view of the highway and the natural environment behind it. No crazy suits, smartphones and cameras allowed, so yeah why are there so many rules here, it beats me.

Under the Sydney Harbor Bridge

In general compared to Europe no matter what excursion you want to do in Australia, its expensive cause even day trips that I did to the Blue mountains and the Ocean road later on from Melbourne weren’t very budget friendly. Again in Europe you would never pay this much for day trips. I won’t be comparing prices here , since there are many agencies and many similar tours you can book, but when you do a little research on the internet you will see the difference if you look for daytours from Melbourne or Sydney or let’s say from Barcelona or Athens.
Australia is expensive and it reminds me of Argentina which for backpackers isn’t the most budget friendly place either. Ask backpackers who travel around South America and they will tell you. Trust me, believe me it’s true 🙂

The first thing you can do in Sydney to get to know the city a bit is to go on a free walking tour. They start at on one of the most important streets of Sydney which is St. George street between Town Hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral.

St Andrew’s Cathedral

If you have never on a free City tour before then I explain it :
You turn up at the starting place of the tour (info can be found on http://www.imfree.com.au/sydney/ ) your local guide in green t-shirt will tell you about the city during this 3 hour walk. There is one at 10.30 am and another at 2.30 pm. You can leave the tour at anytime you want and since it’s a free tour you don’t have to pay, but you can give the guide a small tip at the end of the tour to show how much this tour was worth for you. Most people do give something for the effort the guide did to tell you a bit more about his or her city.
I took the morning tour which is the same as the one in the afternoon, I preferred to go in the morning so then in the afternoon I could go and explore the highlights of the tour again by myself.

The Sydney Tower with its 309m over the Business district is the highest construction in Sydney from which you can have a magnificent view over the City

Another place that I visited which was not on the tour was the Anzac War Memorial in Hyde Park. This monument is a tribute to remember all the Australian soldiers who died and served their country in the many wars all over the world.

Anzac War Memorial

Bullets in Hyde Park




It wouldn't be Denmark without LEGO :)

It wouldn’t be Denmark without LEGO 🙂

Copenhagen was a very interesting citytrip, because I didn’t have any expectations, nor did I really had prepared myself well for this trip. It was one of these Capital cities in Europe that I wanted to visit someday but never exactly knew when time would bring me there.
Copenhagen is a very easy to walk city, with the plan that I grabbed at the Copenhagen centre railway station I had enough. I stayed at the Best Western Hotel close to the Tivoli Amusement park and the Radhuspladsen (The City Hall Square).

The City Hall

The City Hall

Inside City Hall

Inside City Hall Danish Flags

H.C. Andersen Statue

H.C. Andersen Statue

The first day I have done the free walking tour, it started at 11am, it’s a 3 hour tour, you can leave anytime you want, you don’t have to stay untill the end, but I did since I had a good guide and afterwards I already knew some of the great spots without having to use my map anymore.
Some of the places I have visited were Nyhavn,Rosenborhg Castle, The Round Tower,The Freetown of Christiania and ofcourse the most famous symbol of Copenhagen, the Statue of the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid is a story for children by Hans Christian Anderson who also has a statue of himself just next to the City Hall. He wrote so many children stories, to name some :  The Princess and the pea and his famous one The Ugly duckling.
The Little Mermaid is not a big statue but just like the Manneken Piss in Brussels its world-famous and that’s why people want to see it.
I liked walking around the Rosenborg Castle which is in the middle of a nice Royal park belonging to the Danish Royal collection, just like the Royal Palaces at Amalienborg.
Close to the Rosenborg Castle, just a few streets away, you can find the Round Tower which is now an observation tower for a great view over the city.



The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Royal Palace Amalienborg

Royal Palace Amalienborg

Rosenborg Park

Rosenborg Park

Rosenborg Park Statue

Rosenborg Park Statue

The Round Tower

The Round Tower

inside the Roudn tower , that's how it goes up, no stairs, just climbing a wall

Inside the Round tower , that’s how it goes up, no stairs, just climbing a wall

View on Copenhagen from the roof of the Round Tower

View on Copenhagen shopping street  from the roof of the Round Tower

View on Copenhagen from the roof of the Round Tower

View on Copenhagen from the roof of the Round Tower

From Castle Island where the Christiansborg Castle stands and the stock exchange building I crossed the Knippelsbro bridge to another part of the city “Christianshavn where the Our saviors church stands with its amazing tower. It’s the church with the nicest tower hard to miss. Just 1 block further lays the freetown of Christiania which is an old hippy town , a self-declared republic, they sell weed here and since that is illegal you can’t take pictures, only a few at the entrance of this Freetown. Some nice graffiti is what I saw,  to bad that I have been constantly watched by some weirdos who wondered what the hell I lost over there and maybe waiting for me to break the rules of not taking pictures, to smash my camera to the ground like they did with some American tourists in the past (source tripadvisor).To be honest it’s not that special and to call this a country you must be really screwed up in your head. Been there done that, not much else to say about this place.

Crossing the Bridge into Christianshavn

Crossing the Bridge into Christianshavn

The Our Saviour Church in Christianshavn

The Our Savior Church in Christianshavn

This is the Christiania Flag Red with 3 yellow dots, only someone who must have smoked allot of weed could have invented this flag.

This is the Christiania Flag Red with 3 yellow dots, only someone who must have smoked a lot of weed could have invented this flag.

Some of the graffiti

Some of the graffiti

The 3rd and last night in Copenhagen I went to the Tivoli Amusement park, it was closed the first days but has been re-opened for the Christmas period. I was lucky it opened just the evening before I had to leave. Because it was the opening of the parks Winter season the place was crowded, people everywhere but it’s a must do when you are here, since it’s the second oldest theme park in the world (1843) and the most visited one in Scandinavia.
This park was also an inspiration to Walt Disney. He visited the park in the early 50’ies and a few years later in 1955 he opened his first Disneypark in Anaheim California ‘Disneyland’.
The oldest theme park in the world is Dyrehavsbakken (1583) about 10km north of Copenhagen near Klampenborg. Looks as the Danes were the founders of the theme parks something I didn’t know before going to Denmark.



DSC00202 DSC00191 DSC00179 DSC00174 DSC00170


On the way back of my European road trip (2010) that brought me and 2 of my friends to countries like Liechtenstein, Austria,Slovenia and Hungary I made a stop in Luxembourg before entering Belgium.
In the north of Luxembourg in Clerveaux. It was a very calm morning, no people in the streets and a good moment to just wander around town. In Clerveaux you can visit the abbey and church and the Clerveaux Castle.  Continue reading


I have visited the Netherlands or Holland as it is also called so many times that I lost count. It’s my northern neighbour country. In the north of the country is the capital Amsterdam and at school I learned about  Anna Frank and her diary. The way to picture the story of Anne Frank better is to go to Amsterdam to the place where she lived, the Anne Frank house which nowadays is a museum. I don’t know which one is the most famous the Anna Frank House and museum or the Rijksmuseum. I chose to see the Anna Frank house because of the stories that I learned in History class.
Other than that I walked around in Amsterdam on the dam square, the canals, the many weedshops and bars. This was just a day trip with a tourbus, leaving my country Belgium in the early morning and coming back at night.







Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and maybe it’s a good thing for Czech as it is also the most beautiful city of the country.
The country’s government invested a lot of money in this city, more than in others to keep its status as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The are a lot of nice buildings in the Old Town (Stare Mesto) and in the Lesser Town (Mala Strana), its in those areas of the city you find the most famous buildings and monuments that  Prague has to offer.
The Vysehrad fortress with the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, The Karluv Bridge (most) with its entrance towers that connects the Stare Mesto with the Mala Strana, the Wenceslas square, The Tyn Cathedral, etc…
I stayed in Prague for about 4 days on my first trip with school in 1999 and 3 days on my second visit in 2007 (pictures are from 2007)


The Charles Bridge


The Prague Vysehrad Fortress


Tyn Cathedral Old Town square

Wenceslas Square with the national museum

Wenceslas Square with the national museum




In 2006 I visited my cousin Tomek in Ireland for a weekend. I got there by Ryanair offcourse, how much Irish can it get 🙂
My visit to Dublin was a real short visit, maybe the shortest citytrip that I made in Europe.
Besides some pubs and a museum, I haven’t really visited that much in Dublin, so I know I will have to go back again in the future. I saw the Guinness brewery but I didn’t visit it since there are enough brewery’s in my country I can do a tour of. Guinness beer is not my favorite beer, it has no taste and I am not kidding when I say that I tried it for the first time at my cousins place and I puked my brains out. This beer made me sick to my stomach, it’s not my cup of tea, or my glass of beer let’s say.
What else did I do?  Well I did visit the National museum of Ireland and had a little walk in the centre of Dublin. One of the weirdest things I saw is that big prostitute pole in the middle of the street, it’s called “the spire” I don’t know who the spire did inspire but I just think it’s not much of inspiration to the city, it just doesn’t belong there between all these other nice buildings. I haven’t really seen allot since I was there on my shortest trip ever and that’s why Dublin aswell as other places in Ireland are still out there to be discovered by me some other time.


National museum of Ireland – Dublin



Guinness beer souvinr shop, better then the beer itself 🙂

The Spire

The Spire

Helsinki to Tallinn Daytrip

I took the ferry to cross the Baltic Sea from Helsinki the capital of Finland to Tallinn the capital of Estonia. It was about 2 hours and it was a trip I always wanted to do if I would be in Helsinki cause it’s easy to put another country and City off the bucket list.
I visited the old medieval Tallinn with its city walls and the old town square and city hall. It’s all situated in the lower town. The upper town of Tallinn is where you find the Russian Alexandre Nevski Cathedral on a hill. There is also a nice panoramic viewpoint over the old town and the new modern Tallinn in the distance.

Old Citywalls Tallinn

Old City walls Tallinn

Me in Tallinn Estonia

Me in Tallinn Estonia

Town Hall

Town Hall

Old Town

Old Town

Alexandre Nevski Cathedral

Alexandre Nevski Cathedral