Do you know Ataco ?


Ataco is a town in El Salvador that became very popular for tourists visiting El Salvador because of a great initiative by the government who sponsored it. The people of Ataco, not all of them off course but many started to paint the murals of their houses, the city changed quickly into the street art city of El Salvador. No graffiti but paint.

Ataco what you got ?


famous people (to name a few : Chavez,Castro,Mandela,Gandhi,Martin Luther King)

Man painting his house

I really liked walking around this town in search for great mural paintings. Can’t remember how many little streets I’ve done but I got enough pictures of some great Ataco art. There is also an art gallery in Ataco where you can paint yourself and one of the artists will teach you how, before you know it, you will have your own self-made painting and nobody will ever believe you made it cause the result is like if some local artist would have painted it.

art gallery where you can paint your own painting

Inside the art gallery shop

What else is there to do in Ataco, well Ataco itself is a small town good to spend a day , maybe two if you want to relax and take it slow.
There are craft stores, galleries, bars, restaurants, a market, more than one church and a nice park where you can chill.

touristic street with galleries and shops

Painting of the town Ataco

Church Conception de Ataco

Ave Maria Church

Ave Maria







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