Zimbabwe Vic Falls full throttle

Victoria Falls the natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is a well-known natural phenomenal waterfall. I decided to stay here for about 5 days. 3 days in Zimbabwe with one day going to Botswana and 2 days in Livingstone Zambia. 
After visiting the Niagara Falls twice and the Iguazu falls in the past, the Victoria Falls were on my list for a long time. I visited the Falls in may, which means it’s the wet season where the water is at a high level, falling down at an enormous speed and with a lot of power, the whole falls going down the canyon are hard to see, because of the mist that is forming the view are not that great, but you get to see nice rainbows forming itself in the mist. On the Zimbabwe side you follow one long trail with different viewing points. I started from the Livingstone statue. There are 2 Livingstone statues at the Falls, one on this side and the other one on the Zambian side.
The park entrance fee was 30 usd and I got myself a poncho but I got soaked anyway.
Didn’t do all the viewpoints, I stopped at number 13, cause there was so much water at point 14 and beyond that I would have got my shoes completely wet. It was already enough for me that my clothes got wet, so I didn’t want to mess up my shoes. I got enough nice pictures of the parts that I could see of the falls, the parts where there was less mist forming, but I realize that one day I will have to come again in the winter season when the water is at its low and when you can see the depth of the Falls.
When staying at the Zimbabwe side you most likely will be staying at the Vic Falls village which is very clean, maybe a little to touristy but then again it’s not that crowded, in the evening restaurants are open but it wasn’t that alive the village, calm, not over crowded by tourists and actually a little bit death, like a ghost town not that much to do.
I went to a restaurant and tried crocodile and zebra steak and despite this great food it wasn’t even full. I thought there would be more tourist going out in the evening or having some African dinner at one of the restaurants, but it was relatively quiet.

Zimbabwe Flag

Entrance of the Zambezi Park Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

map of the trail on the Zimbabwean side

The difference in water level during the different seasons

let’s start walking

Livingstone Statue my starting point

First view on the Vic Falls

rainbow in the mist



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