The Temple of Bayon with its smiling faces in the middle of the jungle was for me personally the nicest of all, I liked it more than Angkor Wat to be honest. The sculptured faces in stone, the elephant terrace, the monkey’s on the side road of the temple. First time in my life I got on an elephant for a little tour around the temple of Bayon, before exploring the inside of the temple.
The faces of the temple look in different directions and they all have these mysterious smile, really amazing, it’s like they watch every step you make in and out the temple.

P1040381 P1040366


P1040417 P1040396 P1040390

P1040413 P1040411 P1040409 P1040404 P1040439 P1040433 P1040420

P1040446 P1040444


P1040465 P1040466

P1040457 P1040448


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