Machu Picchu

The reason why I wanted to go to Peru was because of the Machu Picchu.
Northwest of the city of Cuzco lays Machu Picchu on a mountain above the sacred valley.
It’s the icon of the Inca civilization, not found by the Spanish rulers during the colonial period and that’s why it didn’t get destroyed cause it was not known by the outside world for about 400 years. Now it’s world-famous and visited by many tourists from all over the world every year.
I remember taking a train and after that a bus to arrive at the entrance and before you know it you have this magnificent view that will make you freeze. This is one of the most incredible places of all that I have ever seen.
It belongs in the same category of the “Seven Wonders of the World” like the Great Chinese Wall and the Grand Canyon.
I could stay there the whole day and walk around, or just sit somewhere and observe the beauty of the mountains around this magical place.

Entrance of Machu Picchu

Entrance of Machu Picchu

The best view ever

The best view ever



DSC01003 DSC01007-4

the terraces

the terraces



Cathedral of Santo Domingo in Cuzco

Cathedral of Santo Domingo in Cuzco



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