My first stop in Uzbekistan coming from Kunya Urgench Turkmenistan through the Dashoguz border was to be Khiva.
My driver was waiting for me at the Uzbek side of the border to drive me to Khiva.
After border formalities, filling in some custom forms and getting my entry stamp after showing my visa I was good to go. 
It was a bumpy ride in an old car but with a crazy driver who didn’t seem to care about the speed limits I was there in no time.
Khiva is a small town on the silk road and today its historical centre is the place to visit and walk around in. You can go up the Islom Hoja minaret to see the historical city from above, it’s like an open air museum in which most of the buildings are very well-preserved.
The Kalta Minor minaret is the building that really stands out, it never got finished, if it would it would have been the biggest minaret ever build. It’s covered with glazed turquoise stones and it’s a symbol now of the city of Khiva.
In Uzbekistan the currency is different from the Manat in Turkmenistan. Here it is the som and after exchanging 100 euros in the hotel, I got a pile of banknotes that I couldn’t fit in my pockets or wallet. I tried (see picture). I wonder if I will have enough for my 8 days stay in Uzbekistan in which I will visit Bukhara,Samarkand and Tashkent.

counting stacks of money

counting stacks of money

map of Historical centre of Khiva

map of Historical centre of Khiva


Islom Hoja minaret


View from the Islom Hoja minaret

Kalta-minor Minaret

Kalta-minor Minaret

P1030146 P1030142




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