Daytrip to Kotor Montenegro

The 1st excursion that i took from Dubrovnik was a daytrip to Kotor.
I heard that if you have the chance to go to Montenegro, Kotor is the place to go to.
Departing in the early morning, looking at the sky I knew it would be a bad day. It started raining and when I arrived in Kotor it still was. In the afternoon it cleared up a little.
This place would offcourse look nicer on pictures for example if the sun would be out, but you can’t always choose the weather. Normally for the time of the year (may) it should have been nice and warm. Maybe this is a place I would consider to go back to for more than just one day and discover some more of Montenegro aswell.
Before going to Kotor, there was a stop in Perast just North of the Kotor Bay.
There are 2 Islands, one with an Orthodox church and one Island with Catholic church.

Me holding up the Beautyful Montenegro flag

Me holding up the Beautiful Montenegro flag




Perast – The 2 small Islands, one of them is artifcial



Kotor Bay




Kotor old town

Kotor old town

DSC04900 DSC04889 DSC04888



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