Raining down on me in Batumi


When I was a kid I heard a song of Batumi by the Polish girl group “Filipinki”
So when I was in Georgia I wanted to visit Batumi and it’s nice beaches, a sunny place at the Black Sea.  The song brought me in the mood to go there, honestly even if you don’t understand Polish language the song should bring you in the mood to go to Batumi.

Here is the link to the song :

I’ve spent only 1,5 day in Batumi, the full day that I spent there the rain came literally down on me. I was soaked walking around outside all day in the rain. It’s not so common to have such a rainy day in Batumi. It used to be sunny over here with all these palm trees. The next day the sun was back again, but even with the bad unusual weather that I had, the place is worth visiting, nice parks, beach, buildings,there is also a viewpoint over the city, when you take the cable car to the mountain.
Looks like in Georgia they like cable cars, since in its capital Tbilisi you can also take one up to the Sololaki hill to the statue of the Mother of Georgia which overlooks the city.


rainy Batumi

rainy Batumi – Alphabet Tower left of me


The Black Sea

The Batumi Boulevard

The Batumi Boulevard


Viewpoint over Batumi


View over Batumi


Still raining at night


Street Art Batumi


The Alphabet Tower at night




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